I Got My Ticket and My Life! #yaaas

First, I’ve changed the blog’s domain (isn’t that what it’s called? I just type. Smh). I wanted to change it to exquisite expat. Expat is short for expatriate. I am quite exquisite (owww if I do say so myself), so I saw no one was using the hashtag #exquisiteexpat and claimed it as my own. I hope the domain change hasn’t affected anyone who was following.

Now for what’s most important….. I GOT MY TICKET!!!!!!!!!

My best bud John and friends know in their heart that I did a little diddy bop when I saw that email at 8am. I had been so anxious and nervous; I thought I might have slipped through the cracks. But here I am, ticketed and somewhat packed. I was going to take an extra bag and just pay the fee, but I met a fellow coworker coming over that’s only bringing a 35lb backpack and a carry on……She is my hero! Yeah, so my goal now is to only use the allotted luggage. 33 years of existence in 2 suitcases and a carryon. Wow. I was feeling motivated and did some packing. I felt really good about myself…


…and then I turned around to see this. This has to come too! I’ll get it together. I have no choice in the matter


Five day notice before you leave the country may seem tight, but I’m thankful for these days. Some will only get 3 days to 24hrs. I’ve had the chance to say goodbye and prepare myself even more (you can’t really get prepared, I’m learning). You can’t begin to imagine the excitement I feel. I know I won’t get to see or call everyone, and I hope they charge it to my head and not my heart. The next time I post it will be from another country! I can’t wait to show you all the pictures I will indeed take. Thanks for following me on my journey.

-Exquisite Expat

4 thoughts on “I Got My Ticket and My Life! #yaaas

  1. Yaaaayyy boo!!! Love you!!! Enjoy your new journey and make many memories!! I’m going to miss you girl but I’m so excited for you!

  2. Safe travels Jina!!!! I know you will make an impact while you’re there. Try to enjoy the little moments before leaving and remember them all while you’re away. It will be those little things that keep you going on the days you miss home.

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