The Other

pc I’m currently reading “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept,” by Paulo Coelho. His book “The Alchemist” helped me to get where I am on this journey. In the current book I’m reading he speaks of “The Other” as this emotion in the form of a spirit. That emotion is fear. Every now and then, when there is a lull in preparing for the move, I feel a self crushing sense of fear. I hear myself saying, “what the hell are you doing? I can’t believe you are leaving the country. You can’t do this. It’s not too late to change your mind, huney.” Then I read the story of “The Other” and it all made sense: “…What is the Other? The Other is the one who taught me what I should be like, but not what I am. The Other believes that it is our obligation to spend our entire life thinking about how to get our hands on as much money as possible so that we will not die of hunger when we are old. So we think so much about money and our plans for acquiring it that we discover we are alive only when our days on earth are practically done. And then it’s too late….I’m just like every else who listens to their heart: a person who is enchanted by the mystery of life. Who is open  to miracles, who experiences joy and enthusiasm for what they do. It’s just that The Other, afraid of disappointment, kept me from taking action.” I do not want to spend my life working to have money in my old age and then be able to do nothing with it. Why wait to experience life when I can do it now? I’m looking forward to the valleys and the peaks of this journey. I’m in the process of getting documents authenticated for my visa. It’s hard to believe how fast it’s going. Oh shit, I’m moving to another country.<insert dramatic face> Now I have to face the fear that I have to let go of my books…….tragic. -Teaching While Black

4 thoughts on “The Other

  1. Leap with faith, and demolish your fears. You have the chance of a lifetime that only a few of us ever get to experience. Embrace this experience so you can be in a position to bless others with seeing cultures much different than what they see everyday. This experience will change your life. Not financially, but I think it will mentally stimulate the brain, and teach you more and more about yourself. I am humbled to have met you and can’t wait to follow you on your awesome journey. The blog idea is awesome! I’ll be flowing also!! Keep inspiring lil folks like me as i only have dreams of doing what you are about to do in a few months. THAT ISH IS BIIIIIGGG!!!!!

  2. The books you mentioned sound very interesting, will have to add to my reading list. Thanks for sharing.

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