Boxed in Culture

I got my contract yesterday! One step closer to teaching abroad. There are so many things I’m learning about the culture. I’m thankful for my ability to embrace change and appreciate the differences we all have. I’ve been telling people some of the things I’d have to refrain from or the nuances I’d have to learn/stop, and they scoff or gasp. It’s not that serious to me, “when in Rome.” Staying in that box can be suffocating and I’d rather get out and stretch my legs, huney. For future reference, I’m a southern belle and I very well know how to spell huney but that’s not how I say it. Be prepared for a multitude of the term “hunnnnney” throughout my writing (emphasis on the “un”).

I’ve had too many people telling me to “be careful” and “don’t get blown up” when I talk about the move; my automatic thought is to judge, but I’m working on that. It makes me think of how many of us Westerners have such a skewed view on the rest of the world. I’m all too excited to take off these rose colored glasses and see the colors of the world.

I guess I’ll have more to write as the time gets closer and I actually get over there. For now I have to: rent my house, get my documents, get my visa, gather materials, move, and most importantly…figure out what to do about my sister locs!


-Teaching While Black

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