Post Interview

They offered me the job! The interview process was not as hard as I thought it’d be. Teaching in America has really toughened my skin and now I can reap the benefits of that. I still can’t believe that I’m almost there. They will send the contract in about 2 weeks letting me know what they are prepared to offer me. Now THAT is the email that I’m anxious to receive. I can’t believe southern, introverted me will be residing in Abu Dhabi. Now ain’t that something?

One thought on “Post Interview

  1. Hello Soror,
    I had my interview this past Sunday and iv been patiently waiting to hear back. My questions are: how did they contact you about the job? Email, phone, mailed in letter? Also do you know anybody that hasn’t gotten a position? If so what was said and how did they proceed with life?

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