Faith and Hope

Image A friend called me tonight to tell me of a sorority sister that got her contract to teach with the ADEC. I am so excited for my sister!! It made me feel a certain way, a way that I can’t explain. I felt like God was telling me, “Hey, calm down. I got you. I’m even lining up people that you know personally to be there when I send you.” A part of me wants to keep this under wraps because there’s this voice saying “don’t tell anyone just in case you don’t get it,” but I want to (and have been) telling EVERYONE I know and people I don’t know! At some point we stop dreaming as children and grow up scared to hope, scared to have faith. We feel like if we look forward to something then it won’t happen because we wanted it to much. That’s a type of thinking that I’m leaving at the doorstep fear as I walk into the horizon of my future. Therefore I will continue to tell people about this amazing opportunity that God has created for my path in life. Keep me in your prayers!



-Teaching While Black

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